Coming To Your Closet This Spring!

by 6 January 18, 2016

Yeah, yeah it's only January (we know that warmer weather is still a ways off) and we don't know about you, but we are WAY tired of the cold weather. The chill in the air and the frost nipping our noses is starting to get us down. So, on this ridiculously cold Monday, we needed to add a little excitement to our day; and what good is excitement if you don't get to share it with your beloved fans? (No fun, that's right) Therefore, we present to you a small slice of our spring/summer 2016 line! Now, this is only a small sneak peek of what's to come in the 2016 line, (there are many other great shoes, obviously) but, we think these two are going to get you particularly excited. Starting on the right we give you, the 'Damp'. This strappy sandal has details that will be sure to grab people's attention and we just love the color options. Speaking of options, the outfit options for this sandal, endless. Wear it with your favorite sundress, a cuffed pair of blue jeans, that super cute new romper or even a basic pair of short shorts. No matter the outfit you're gonna be looking perf. Next we have, the 'Dicey', some Aztec patterned fabric on a sandal, yes please! Again, we get color and outfit options, and as girls we just love having options. So, with the holidays behind us and some great sandals ahead of us, we've got something super special on the brain, two words, Spring Break! We can't stop dreaming about the many sunny places there are to visit during this week of freedom. Where are you headed this spring break? The sunny beaches of Florida, taking to the sea on a tropical cruise, visiting friends and family, or are you still deciding on where you want to go? Don't worry there's still time (it is only January) but, don't forget, once you've planned and booked your trip don't forget to take us with you! All in all, this 2016 season, Madeline has pulled out all the stops and the end result is some super cute sandals. You're definitely going to want to keep an eye out for when these Madeline Girl beauties arrive!



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