by 4 August 11, 2014

Be prepared to be 'Blown Away' (literally... that's the name of the shoe) by Foxy Oxie Supernova blogger Oksana in our MADELiNE splash of pink pump. Oksana focuses on the little pleasures of life - incorporating fashion, design, beauty tips, and more. "Allow me to interrupt your oh-so-exciting Monday to talk about shoes – and not just any shoes, but comfortable shoes that can garner more compliments in one quick elevator ride than others do in an entire day {true story!}.  For those of you just now tuning in, the purpose behind the Simple Pleasures series {as the name suggests} is to highlight life's simple pleasures and encourage you to savor and appreciate small, often-overlooked details of your everyday life. "... -Oksana Check out her full post here: Get the look: 2014 0808 bigShoes-Shoes-Shoes  



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