About us



MADELiNE shoes are for all you ladies out there who are audacious, feisty and spontaneous. There’s a time in certain women’s lives when their feminine charms are so potent, they literally rule the world. Daring, impulsive and sexy, these little she-devils charge the night with their feminine energy... and they do it best in MADELiNE shoes.

The upbeat and fun flavor of MADELiNE shoes makes it the go-to fashion footwear brand for the young heart. MADELiNE shoes are the perfect carefree addition to update every season and every look. Feel confident and free spirited in your everyday life with MADELiNE there every step of the way.

Since 2000, MADELiNE has been a fearless collection of couture footwear that boldly bridges the gap between high-style and affordability. Intriguingly impulsive and unabashedly uninhibited, MADELiNE confidently delivers up-to-the-minute design at an attainable price.